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Better Setters is a company that specializes in providing high-quality training and development programs for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a professional.

Benefits at Better Setters

Remote Culture

Remote work allows employees to have more flexibility in managing their work-life balance. They can set their own schedules, choose their preferred work environment, and eliminate commuting time, resulting in increased productivity and reduced stress.

Comprehensive Health Plans

Comprehensive health plans refer to insurance coverage that provides a wide range of medical benefits and services to individuals and their families. These plans typically offer a broad scope of coverage for various healthcare needs, including preventive care, hospitalization, prescription medications, specialist visits, and more.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off (PTO) refers to a policy in which employees are granted a certain number of days off with pay, separate from public holidays, sick leave, or personal leave. PTO provides employees with the flexibility to take time off from work for various reasons, such as vacation, personal appointments, family events, or relaxation.

Performance-Based Bonus

A performance-based bonus is a form of compensation provided to employees based on their individual or team performance. It is typically awarded in addition to an employee's regular salary and serves as a reward for achieving predetermined performance goals or exceeding performance expectations.

Bi-Annual Increments

Bi-annual increment raises refer to salary increases that occur twice a year, typically on a set schedule. This practice allows employees to receive a raise every six months, as opposed to the more common annual increment cycle.

Service End Benefit

A job with a service end benefit typically refers to employment where an employee is entitled to certain benefits upon the completion of a specified duration of service with the company.

Company Mission

To empower staffing and recruiting businesses with powerful digital marketing strategies


Company Growth

$ 0
Year 1 ARR
Year 2 ARR
117% Growth
Year 3 Projected *ARR
248% Growth
Year 1 Clients
Year 2 Clients
Year 3 Clients

Career Paths

These are just two examples of career paths with Tash Ads – our philosophy is to promote from within when possible, this provides our team members with room to grow both professionally and financially.

Customer Support Roles

Account Manager $
Jr Customer Support Manager $$
Customer Support Manager $$$$

Sales Roles

Sales Dev Rep $
Sales Rep $$
Sales Lead $$$$

Clarity & Training

At Tash Ads we believe that our team members are our most valuable assets. We provide clear KPIs, 24/7 access to detailed training modules and provide you with ongoing training to sharpen your skills and develop new ones.


Are you our next Remote Sales ROCKSTAR?

Passionate about sales? Join BetterSetters and land a remote job with top North-American companies. Elevate your career from South America or Eastern Europe. Work from home, earn premium pay, and achieve the fulfillment you deserve. Explore our Sales roles now! Fluent English and expertise required. Ready for your next chapter? Lets GOOOOOO!


Current Remote Sales Job Openings at BetterSetters

Business Development Representatives (BDRs):

Pioneering the hunt for new business prospects, BDRs drive customer base expansion.

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)

Create sales opportunities, collaborating closely with BDRs and the sales team, engaging potential customers, and qualifying leads.

Appointment Setters/Lead Generation Specialist

Specialists in high-quality lead generation, by scheduling meetings with potential customers via calls and emails.

Outbound Sales Representatives

Guides potential customers from initial contact to deal closure, promoting products and services through outbound calls and emails.

Cold Caller Representatives

Introduces company offerings to potential customers through persuasive unsolicited calls.

Inbound Sales Representatives

Guiding interested customers through the sales process, providing information, and closing deals.

Account Manager (Mid-Level)

Maintain customer satisfaction and seek opportunities for upselling and expansion.

Sales Manager (Mid-Level)

Lead teams, set targets, and optimize processes, coaching reps to achieve their goals.

Sales Operations Manager (Mid-Level):

Streamline processes and enhance efficiency, managing tools and systems.

Sales Training Manager (Mid-Level)

Develop programs to boost team skills and performance.

Chief Sales Officer (CSO) (Executive)

Drives the organization's sales strategy and performance.

Director of Business Development (Executive)

Shapes growth strategies through partnerships and new market opportunities.

Chief Growth Officer (CGO) (Executive)

Focuses on rapid and sustainable growth for the organization.

Director of Sales Operations (Executive)

Provide high-level leadership to enhance sales efficiency.

Any of these roles will allow you as the professional to work remotely, providing flexibility and the opportunity to connect with clients and customers worldwide. Contact us TODAY to apply.

Our Core Values

Core Value #1

We win as a Team, together we achieve more. We own our problems together, we solve our problems together.

Core Value #2

“Always Forward” We are always improving over time, getting better at our craft each and every day.

Core Value #3

We put God first, we remember to be good people not just people good at business.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, let's get money out of the way.

 We understand it is important to know.

Payment varies based on the role and the company’s budget. When you apply, share your salary expectations, and if it aligns with our client’s budget, we’ll discuss the details. Let’s find the right match together!

Absolutely, NOT! We earn when you get hired. No application fees, ever. Our goal is to help you land your dream and others like you.

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Occasionally, part-time opportunities arise, but our focus is on full-time commitments.

Working hours depend on the company you join, usually aligning with North-American time zones. Typically, it’s a regular 40-hour week. While you can choose your workspace, reliability during work hours is key.

We’re geared towards placing rockstars in full-time remote positions, but if you’re open to transitioning, let’s talk! We’re all about focused, remote professionals.

We help you set up Direct Deposit to your bank account so payments are easy and hassle free.

We handle our taxes responsibly. For your local contributions, we provide necessary documentation, but compliance is your responsibility.

We love both! One of our owners, David, played all the way up to arena football. Darren played Fútbol in high school, college, and currently plays for a semi-pro team. Stacy played up to high school and coaches kids from time to time. We love sports, but we’re equally passionate about finding you the perfect job.

You work for the company you applied to, contracted with BetterSetters. We facilitate the connection, manage paperwork, on-going bi-weekly/monthly payments, and HR aspects. All else, onboarding, training, sales meetings, team building activities, virtual coffee, etc are provided by the company that brought you on as their new Rockstar.

Yes, all positions require a good level of English. 

No, but we recommend playing some fun games to learn English. Check out these 30 games or websites to practice English for Free at Home. If you want to learn fast and efficiently, you can consider hiring a tutor, finding an online course, or upgrading one of the many free apps out there, so you can land your dream job faster.

Definitely, NOT! While no one’s perfect, our track record speaks for itself. Nearly a decade of satisfied placements, with just one hiccup. Join our success story!

Meet The Founder

David Tash | Founder & Director

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No payment is required until you have met your team member and you are ready to start working together. You’ll be up and running in no time. 

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