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Agency Growth Associates · Remote, WFH

Executive Assistant – USD $1,000/mo + Commissions

What Is In It For You?

  • You will be treated with respect, provided with training and ongoing support, and the ability to develop new skill sets.
  • Front row seat with the co-founders of leading international agencies.
  • Work from the comfort of your home and save on the commute stress.
  • Bonuses.


1. What do you want to accomplish?

To find an executive assistant that will help me be more productive, achieve higher efficiency, and reach my potential as an entrepreneur.

2. What is your motivation?

My motivation is that I want to be a better leader for our team members. The goal is to grow our impact to 30MM/year over the next 5 years and have positive impact in the lives of 10,000 people.


1. What is the difference this will make?

This role will allow our organization to move 3X faster. It will allow me to have greater focus and free me up to do the things needed to a hive growth in our organization.

2. What impact will this have?

This will have a huge impact on our entire team. I am great at starting things and have wonderful ideas 💡 that help us a company but I’m not great on finishing things. Having someone who makes sure things get finished will help us to 10X our impact as an organization.


What does the completed project look like?

The completed project looks like this: My EA and I working Together as a well oiled team, me starting important projects and he/she making sure that the team finishes the projects and keeps me updated along the way.

My EA is a highly valued team member who is in charge of important tasks such as:

* Weekly Expense Reporting

* Weekly Internal Project Management (Nifty)

* Daily Communication With Me

Direct Impact Results

1. Best Results:

* We are able to grow faster and impact more lives because our expenses are tracked and managed.

* We are able to get internal projects done faster which will allow us to grow faster and help more people.

* I will have more time to focus on our company’s vision because our EA will help free up my time and take certain tasks off of my plate.

2. What kind of impact will this have on the overall business:

This will have a huge impact on the overall business because it will allow Liz & I more time to focus on the company vision and achieve revenue growth.

Worst Results

What kind of impact will this have if you don’t take action:

Projects will be completed at a much slower pace, I will be less effective as a leader and our team will suffer because of it.

Success Criteria

What specific results must be true for this project to be a success:

1. Our experience report must be 100% accurate and completed on time every week.

2. All Nifty projects must be kept up to date and reported on daily.

3. Our EA must act as a buffer and protect my time and Liz’s time

4. My emails must be managed, filtered, and responded to quickly

5. Our EA and I must have excellent communication and they need to believe in our company’s mission.


Remote, WFH




Remote, WFH

Limited Time Offer: 1 Per Organization

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