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We practice what we preach $1.8 MM in revenue generated in 18 Months for our OWN Agency leveraging these same strategies!

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What is BetterSetters?

BetterSetters, or BSG for short, is a staffing and training company designed to solve the immense challenges of client acquisition for growth-minded entrepreneurs.

The problem with client acquisition is that most entrepreneurs don’t have the time to do it often or adequately get burned by outside Lead Generation companies. This results in entrepreneurial burnout, missed opportunities, not reaching your true potential, and not having the kind of impact that you set out to achieve with your vision.

We built BSG to eliminate the entrepreneur from having to generate their leads by bringing the process in-house with a talented (but cost-effective) remote team member who receives ongoing training on our award-winning B2B lead generation system: Your BetterSetter.

Our Vision

Our vision for BetterSetters: is to help one thousand entrepreneurs build their vision by pairing them with a talented Remote Team Member who solves the challenge of client acquisition.

Our Mission

At our core, we passionately believe that every company, regardless of its size or financial resources, should have the opportunity to harness a dedicated team of remote sales professionals. These professionals should not only possess the necessary skills but also align with your company culture and share a commitment to long-term success.

In the traditional landscape, the most significant organizations often monopolize top talent by relying on local reputation and financial powers. We have undertaken a mission to revolutionize this paradigm and level the playing field. Our goal is to empower your business with the ability to access global sales professionals, including expats, thereby democratizing the hiring process and providing you with an international pool of talent.

Our Core Values


Never settle for mediocrity: we are fully present in our work, we do it with love and to the best of our ability.


We put God first: We remember to be good people, not just people who are good with business.


Move fast and break things: Inaction is the enemy of progress

Our approach

BetterSetters follows a distinctive approach compared to conventional recruitment services. We refrain from monitoring or directing the day-to-day activities of your hires, and we don’t intrude on their work. Instead, our sales professionals become an integral part of your workforce, seamlessly aligning with your existing tools and processes. Our exclusive focus lies in recruitment and creating optimal conditions for your team’s success, while the responsibility for managing your employees remains entirely in your hands.

Meet Our Team

Chelsea Gaul

Director of Product Development

Muhammad Ahsan

Director of IT

James Croft

Sales Director

Alejandra Osorio

Client Success Manager


Director of Leadgen

Elizabeth Medina

Director of Operations

What We Do

Anticipating Your Needs

Our team delves deep into understanding your organization long before our initial conversation. We've already done our homework, ensuring we comprehend your requirements and the nature of your business, often before you utter a word.

Unleashing Powerful Recruitment Outreach

We initiate a dynamic and far-reaching candidate outreach strategy, targeting a substantial pool of professionals in a matter of days. Our top-of-the-funnel typically begins with over 500 prospective candidates, meticulously filtered to present you with a curated selection of 2-5 individuals perfectly tailored for your specific role.

Exceptional HR Engagement

We go beyond mere placements. Through regular check-ins with both placed candidates and their managers, we foster a continuous feedback loop. This process empowers us to take proactive measures that enhance performance, boost retention rates, and ensure job satisfaction on all fronts.

Optimize Your Sales Operations and Accelerate Your Timelines with the Perfect Sales Professionals

Partnering with BetterSetters for your next hire guarantees the recruitment of top-tier sales professionals who consistently deliver exceptional results within your designated timeframes. Our global headhunting approach guarantees access to a candidate pool in two weeks or less, all while providing excellent value.


Experience a Rapid Sales Boost: See your sales performance soar in just 30 days without sacrificing quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Cost Effective BetterSetter is only $11/hr.

Your setters only work for your company and your company alone. They are a part of your team. Your new team member is trained to work 40 hours per week.

We handle everything for you: sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and hiring your BetterSetter.

Our very first step is to take time to learn about you and your business to understand what makes it special and create a go-to-market offer designed specifically for YOU; also, if your “BetterSetter” ever leaves for any reason, we will replace them at no additional cost to you. 

We’ve had clients secure $40,000+ contracts in as little as their first 3 days in the program; however, most clients start to see significant results within 90 days. 

We can hold your setter for 30 days at half the normal rate, but any longer than that, we would have to recruit a brand new setter once you are ready.

  1. This is not a coaching program. We run to build your marketing FOR you during the first 30 days; then, your trained BetterSetter takes over.
  2. We have some coaching elements to help you better structure your go-to-market offer to maximize ROI. 
  3. Your setter will have daily training and leadership-building sessions to continuously sharpen their skill sets and provide you with excellent results month after month. 

As part of our onboarding, we assist you in designing a long-term retention plan with your Setter with built-in bonuses and PTO (Paid time off) based on revenue goals. 


This way, your Setter is always motivated to assist you in the growth of your business, and we’ve been able to retain quality talent for 3+ years without having to give salary increases.

Meet The Founder

David Tash | Founder & Director

Let's Get You The Support You Need

No payment is required until you have met your team member and you are ready to start working together. You’ll be up and running in no time. 

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Thank you for reaching out to the Better Setters staff! Our team will be getting back to you with the perfect opportunity or future team members! In the meantime, feel free to browse our blog!

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