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We save our clients millions in payroll with high-performing near-shore remote sales talent. 

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Get High Performing Remote Sales Talent with Experience from Fortune 500 Companies

Amazing Sales Talent at a Fraction of the Cost

Acquire exceptionally skilled sales experts with 5-10 years of experience tailored precisely to your needs and aligned with your company’s culture.

Enjoy the advantages of adding a proficient W2 team member to your roster, bypassing the time-consuming hiring process, and alleviating the administrative responsibilities associated with employment.

More Sales, Less Headaches

Self Managing Sales Teams

Unlock Hassle Free Sales

Are you seeking relief from managerial headaches?

Experience the power of an entire sales force led by a proven sales manager who will propel your team to new heights of success. Sit back, relax, and witness the remarkable growth.

Self-correcting, self-managing team solutions

Don't settle for more management headaches. What you need is a real solution to take your growth to new heights. Who needs another person to manage when you can have a growth solution that's Navy Seal-approved! Our battle-tested processes and strategies will optimize your team's self-efficiency and self-management, freeing you up to conquer new business frontiers. With us, you won't be bogged down with more work than before - you'll have the power of self-sufficiency at your fingertips. Say goodbye to the old ways of management and hello to a new era of growth.

Our Winning Formula

Active Recruiting

Our proprietary screening process filters through 2,000 to 2,500 sales candidates monthly and invites the top 1% to join the Better Setters Sales Training Academy.

Passive Recruiting

Utilizing our extensive hiring networks in thriving sales talent hubs, we actively seek out and recruit top prospects from Fortune 500 companies, making them accessible to you when they become available.

About Us

Welcome to Better Setters Global, or BSG for short – your go-to staffing and training company for solving the immense challenges of remote sales talent acquisition. We understand the needs of growth-minded, successful entrepreneurs looking for more than a half-baked staffing solution that adds to their workload. Our end-to-end solution installs a self-managing sales team into your business, complete with entry, mid-level, and senior-level talent.

Real People with Real Stories who achieved
Real Success by choosing to work with us and our team!

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