Insane Social Media Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

Jan 23, 2023 | B2B LEAD GEN

Want to generate more leads for your business? Have you considered using social media to do so? If not, then you might be overlooking a really great opportunity.  

 When it comes to developing a social media presence, most B2B firms are underperforming and missing genuine opportunities. It’s the digital age, and businesses need to understand that their potential customers are on social media. This is why including social media in your B2B lead generation strategy is so crucial.

 With more than 4.7 billion users on social media globally, your next customer is on social media. If you want to succeed in today’s cutthroat industry, your B2B lead generation plan needs to include a number of different elements. Social media is one of these elements. In the current digital environment, it truly is important, and we’ll explain why as well as how you can use it to advance your company.

Why Social Media for B2B Lead Generation? 

Well, why not? A website journey or, dare we say it, even a meeting in an office can’t compare to the immersive essence of “who you are” and “what you stand for” that your social media presence can produce. As a result, each social media post’s tone and voice can positively influence your business’ branding, which refers to how you want B2B customers, future B2B clients, employees, and investors to view your firm.

social media platforms

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A company’s reputation as a thought leader in its industry may be built and maintained with the help of a strong social media presence and with a thoughtful, focused, and pertinent content marketing strategy. This can be a very powerful B2B marketing tool. 

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures too: 

  • 87% of B2B companies considered social media to be a very successful component of their marketing mix, according to a survey.
  • In a poll of 115 content marketing specialists working in B2B roles, it was discovered that 79% of respondents thought social media to be the most effective marketing medium, with 38% saying they would spend more money on social media content if they had more money for the coming year.
  • According to a report, 84% of C-level and VP-level business decision-makers in B2B organizations are impacted by social media content when making B2B sales choices.
  • Nine out of ten B2B organizations use LinkedIn, which is (as one might anticipate) the most popular social network for B2B marketing. Plus, your competitors almost surely use LinkedIn if your business doesn’t! 

The First Step Is to Set up a Business Account on All Major Platforms

The first step in incorporating social media into your B2B lead generation plan, if you haven’t done so yet, is to create accounts for your company on all main platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the biggest and most important social media networks that you should pay the most attention to.

So now that the basics are covered, let’s get to the juicy part! 

Top Social Media Platforms for Lead Generation

Today, the average user uses social networking sites for more than two hours every day. Having a presence on social media is necessary for today’s environment if you want to reach prospects where they are and generate leads for your business. The most crucial element is that your lead generation program’s call, email, social media, and other components should convey the same message. 

Your B2B company can use social networking to access markets that it previously couldn’t. Make sure you’re engaging with the correct folks and that your audience is the right audience. Here are some tactics you can use to level up on all your social media pages: 

Use Facebook:

 Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most well-known social networking sites, with over 2.9 billion users. The first step in generating business-to-business leads is to connect your website’s firm name and address. It’s crucial to have a name that makes your brand easy for customers to recall. If you use a name other than that of a website for your business profile, potential customers may become confused. 

Facebook page

Image credits: Unsplash

Furthermore, your Facebook profile will appear in the search results when someone searches for your website on Google. Facebook now allows business page owners to select a distinctive URL for their page.

Users may easily forget the URLs that Facebook creates because they are difficult to remember. Once a corporate page has accumulated at least 25 likes, you can select its own unique image.

This makes it simpler for the client to remember you and think well of you in the future. The availability of all vital corporate information, such as an address, phone number, email address, website, etc., is another advantage Facebook offers to business owners. By filling out this form, you make it simpler for people to contact you. The page’s SEO is also improved.

Try Linkedin:


Image credits: Unsplash

LinkedIn is one of the finest venues for distributing content and generating leads. You can find almost anyone there, and the entire site is a never-ending supply of sales opportunities. 

Optimize Your Company Page:

Make sure your company page is up-to-date and includes relevant information about your products or services. Additionally, use LinkedIn groups to join and actively participate in updates related to your industry. Share valuable content and engage with other members to build relationships and generate leads.

Test out the LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

The Sales Navigator is a paid tool that allows you to find and connect with potential leads based on specific criteria, such as job title or company size.

Leverage LinkedIn’s InMail feature: 

LinkedIn’s InMail feature allows you to send direct messages to people you are not connected with. Use this feature to reach out to potential leads and introduce yourself and your company.

Using Twitter:

Let’s look at how you can generate leads using Twitter.


Image credits: Pixabay

 Firstly, make sure you are continuously following new users and potential clients on Twitter. Engage with everyone, even if they don’t mention you in a tweet, as well. Twitter is all about discussion, and your clients will appreciate your efforts to get in touch with them! 

You can pin a tweet to the top of your profile page on Twitter, much like you can on Facebook. In your tweet, include a link to your squeeze page or contact form. Once your tweet has been posted, you can pin it to your profile.

You can also use the Twitter advertising system. Twitter and Facebook both offer lead-generation campaigns that can help you generate qualified leads.


It’s challenging to dispute the platform’s influence, given the frequent addition of new features and the enormous user base. With more than 800 million monthly users, Instagram is among the finest for attracting media-oriented consumers.


Image credits: Pixabay

Want to know an interesting fact? 

90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram.

Managers in charge of marketing content should therefore take advantage of Instagram’s influence on internet marketing.

The amazing marketing potential of Instagram is something you just cannot afford to miss.

Instagram Bio: 

Did you know that 200 million Instagram users view at least one brand profile each day? It shows that individuals are keen to find out about new companies. For your Instagram account, you can write a clickable bio to help users quickly understand your company. As a bio link, you can include a lead generation landing page to create B2B leads.

Some Social Media Tactics to Generate B2B Leads

Include a Variety of Contact Options:

It’s fantastic if a prospective B2B customer discovers your product, service, or SaaS software on Instagram. However, you should make it simple for visitors to get in touch with you. 

Including multiple contact options, such as addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, enables your followers to get in touch with you in the most practical way to ask about prices or joint ventures.

Your potential customers would want to learn more about your product or service, given that B2B purchasing decisions are usually more complex and expensive. If you offer contact information, Instagram users will be able to get in touch with you directly, and you’ll be able to generate B2B leads.

Optimize Your Profile:

After you’ve made your profile on all these major social media platforms, you’d need to optimize your profile. Your profile and profile details will be the first things potential leads see on your page. By making this part more appealing, you can pique the curiosity of potential customers and persuade them to interact with or follow your business.

Today, there are a few techniques to optimize your profile:

  • Having precise contact details.
  • Using call-to-action buttons.
  • Link building for your website.
  • Make quick links to your email sign-up or newsletter subscription pages.
  • Enhancing the concise brand descriptors you use.
  • Selecting the ideal photo to use as your profile picture.
  • Pinning significant stuff to the profile’s header.

Run Promotions and Contests

Adding content and special promos to your brand’s social media lead-generation strategy is a terrific idea.

The audience participation and engagement rates for these kinds of events are frequently high.

You’ll discover that more cold leads are willing to share information or start interacting with your business if you have a prize or incentive to attract fresh leads.

By establishing content guidelines such as following your brand, retweeting or sharing posts, or liking your posts and pages, you can also enhance follower counts or individual post engagement.

Use Live Features to Your Advantage

Brands are beginning to use the ability to go live or start a live feed to enhance their social media performance and generate new leads. 

You can go live to communicate exciting news, conduct an event like a webinar, answer questions from your viewers, or exhibit new items.

By showing audiences that real individuals and teams are working behind the brand name, live features help establish credibility within your brand.

Share Testimonials and Stories

One of the most effective marketing methods is word of mouth, which your social media lead generation plan can use.

You develop important brand trust when you use your platforms to share success stories and encourage audience feedback. 

The likelihood of positive engagement and increased interest from both new audiences and their existing consumer base is significantly higher for brands that are trustworthy and reputable.

As a result, your company has more chances to acquire new leads and raise your top-of-funnel figures.

It can attract qualified leads and establish solid relationships between your brand and your audience.

Observe the Most Common Search Trends

Talking about hot topics in your industry is a great strategy to boost traffic to your blogs and social media accounts.

search trends

Image credits: Pixabay

You can also employ a newsjacking technique, in which you leverage a prominent event or piece of news to advertise your service or brand.

You can find those topics with the help of tools like Google Trends. But be mindful that you must move swiftly to make sure you get the timing.

Maintain Consistency

On social media, your role is to maintain consistency. Therefore, it’s crucial to schedule how many blogs you’ll publish each week, month, and so on.

The audience’s preferences and habits must be taken into account while the team decides the frequency.

There are various suggestions about the ideal number of postings for each channel, which is something else to take into account. To satisfy your audience, you must strike the right balance.

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