Elevate Your Hiring Strategy: Master Candidate Interviews and Build an Exceptional Team of A-Players

Feb 27, 2023 | B2B LEAD GEN

Imagine this: You’re in charge of building a top-performing team for your company. You’re confident that you’ve found the perfect candidate. Their impressive resume and flawless interview answers seem to show that they have the potential to be an A-player. 

You hire them with high expectations, but within the first two months, it becomes clear that something isn’t right. They require more guidance than you anticipated or are tardy with their work. 

These early warning signs suggest that you may have hired the wrong person. Their presence could not only hinder but also drag the company’s progress backward. Scary scenario, right?

In today’s job market, it’s not enough to simply hire someone who can do the job. To succeed, companies need to attract and retain top talent – the so-called “A-players” and “rock stars” who will take their organization to new heights. 

But how do you find these individuals in a sea of candidates? 

The key is to master the candidate interview.

Author and entrepreneur Jeff Hyman said in an interview with “Startup mindset” :

I strongly believe that 90 percent of business problems are recruiting problems in disguise.  Organizations do not have the right people in the right places who can make the right decisions at the right time. Instead of dealing with the core issue – having the wrong people in important positions – companies go through all sorts of restructurings and strategy permutations in an attempt to right the ship.”


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To build a stellar team, it’s essential to master the candidate interview process. In this blog, we’ll explore the basics of successful interviews. This includes key qualities to look for in potential hires and interview questions. 

Whether you’re an experienced recruiter or a first-time hiring manager, these tips can transform your hiring process and take your team to the next level. So buckle up, and get ready to turn your average team into a powerhouse of A-players and rockstars!

What Are A-Players (Rockstars), and Why Are They So Important?

We first need to give you a proper idea of what the A-players really are. Simply put, they’re the top-performing employees who consistently exceed expectations and drive results. The kind of employees who go above and beyond what is required of them and bring positive energy to the workplace. 

They are highly skilled and motivated individuals who possess a strong work ethic, a passion for their work, and a desire to learn and grow. Identifying and attracting A-players is a key goal of many hiring managers and HR professionals. It’s crucial because they can help elevate your team’s performance and drive your company’s growth.

A sustainable competitive strategy involves creating a culture that draws Rockstars and fosters their success. Simply put, you will succeed if your company has the finest employees and culture.

How Can You Recognize A-Players as Soon as You Meet Them?

A rockstar candidate will be the applicant who stands out from the competition and is most likely to receive an offer of employment. Why? Because the best candidates—those who possess both ability and passion—share a number of traits. 


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  • They portray genuine confidence

When it comes to identifying top candidates, confidence is a key trait to look for. However, it’s important to note that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. 


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A-players display a natural poise and self-assurance that stems from their expertise and capabilities. They exude a sense of comfort when interacting with various stakeholders throughout the hiring process. This includes headhunters, hiring managers, and other key decision-makers. Their authentic confidence is a strong indicator of a candidate’s potential to thrive in a high-performing team.

  • They have a vision

A rock star candidate is often approached by a headhunter while they are excelling in their current position. Although they were not actively seeking a new role, they decided to explore the opportunity because it aligned with their career goals and aspirations. These candidates have a clear vision of their future and are not afraid to pursue it confidently. 

They are in high demand, often recruited for new opportunities or pulled along by former leaders who value their skills and work ethic. Their self-assurance and determination make them stand out from the rest.

  • They have a positive mentality

Rock star candidates possess an infectious positive energy and have a glass-half-full mentality. They are passionate about their careers and life in general and tend to thrive in environments where they are surrounded by like-minded individuals. 

Headhunters and hiring managers find it easy to establish a strong rapport with them due to their positive and enthusiastic nature. These candidates have a natural ability to inspire and uplift others, making them valuable additions to any team.

  • They act with integrity

Rock star candidates are known for their reliability and consistency. They take responsibility for their commitments and follow through on their promises. 

During the entire recruitment process, they are highly responsive and keep all stakeholders informed. These candidates excel at follow-through, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. They value honesty and authenticity and expect the same from their interviewer. 

This level of integrity makes them stand out from other candidates and positions them as valuable team members.

  • They come prepared

Rock star candidates are well-prepared and conduct thorough research before meetings and interviews. They ask intelligent and thoughtful questions during interviews that show a keen interest in the role and the company’s objectives. 

They communicate their responses concisely yet comprehensively, allowing for a natural flow in the conversation. This approach ensures that everyone involved gains the necessary information to make informed decisions.

  • They are natural leaders

Rock star candidates possess natural leadership qualities and believe in the importance of continuous learning. They have a mentoring spirit and are willing to impart their knowledge for the benefit of others. These candidates are always willing to help others in their growth and development, even if it falls outside of their specific job responsibilities.

They believe that everyone has something to teach, regardless of their level or position within the company, and are eager to learn from those around them. Rock star candidates inspire and motivate others through their actions and approach to work, making them invaluable assets to any team.

  • They see the big picture…

…and its details too. That’s a rare combination in itself! They have a long-term perspective and can identify opportunities as they arise while also maintaining accuracy in their work. 

As recruiters and headhunters, these are the types of candidates we love to present to our clients. Even when we don’t have the perfect role for them, we are eager to endorse and introduce them to others in our network. 

What Question Format Can You Use to Distinguish A-Players From the Rest?

There are several questions that can help identify A-players in an interview. Here are a few examples:

  • What’s the Last Thing You Taught Yourself How to Do?
Learn a skill

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“A” players are naturally curious and always eager to learn new things, which is a valuable trait in startups. To test for this during interviews, ask candidates about the last new skill they taught themselves and how they learned it. Ask for specific details on any challenges they faced and how they would teach it to someone else.

  • What’s a Mistake You’ve Made Professionally?

Candidates should be able to admit their mistakes to build a strong team. If they’re hesitant, it could be a red flag. But if they openly discuss and learn from their mistakes, they’re likely an “A” player.

  • What Do You Stand For?

In hiring, you’re not just looking for talent; you’re also looking for character. “A” players are honest, humble, and driven by a desire to excel in their work. They aren’t afraid to ask for help or take risks, and they speak the truth with kindness. See their character and who they are as a person.

  • What Makes You Exceptional?

During interviews, you should ask candidates to demonstrate their unique qualities. “C” players often have nothing to show but interview well, while “B” players may have a few past examples. In contrast, “A” players come prepared with multiple documents, including internal and external examples, to showcase their potential. 

  • What Are Your Career Goals?

During the interview process, you should ask candidates about their long-term career goals to ensure that their aspirations align with the position they are applying for. If there is a mismatch between their goals and the job, they may not be the right fit for the role, even if they have the potential to be a top performer in other positions.

  • What’s One Way You Outperformed Your Colleagues?

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To assess a candidate’s success, it’s not enough to just rely on the numbers on their resume. Instead, during the interview, it’s crucial to inquire about how they have outperformed their colleagues and what strategies they employed to achieve success. This self-awareness and insight into their strengths is a key indicator of an “A” player.

  • What’s a Challenging Project You’ve Tackled?

Ask candidates to describe a challenging project they worked on to see how they respond to vulnerability. “A” players are humble and introspective about their limitations yet still motivated to take on new challenges. Trust your gut when evaluating their response to this question.

  • What Have You Created From Scratch?

The ideal startup employees are those who can overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. “A” players demonstrate this quality through their past experiences in previous jobs, small projects, or non-profit organizations. Look for a track record of impactful achievements as the best indicator for future success.

So there you have it; this small manual will help you find your ideal candidate. Remember, honesty is always the best policy when communicating job opportunities to your candidates.

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